On Wednesday, 24th May, our athletes travelled to Kladno on the regional finals of the Radio Cup teams. We participated in all categories.

The younger girls were placed in tenth place in all disciplines. Even some personal records fell:

Nicol Fingerhutova – 60m - 8.78sec, Kristyna Pasovska – 8.79 sec,

Rachel Najmonova - 600m - 1:50min, Viktorie Kottova - 2:04 min, Lucie Safarova 2:04 min,

Kristýna Passovska - long jump - 458cm,

Tereza Faltynkova - a cricket ball throw – 42.70m,

The total of 5,335 points was a very good result and our school girls´ team came fourth.

The younger boys´ team were in 5th place in a very difficult and balanced competition when they scored only 75 points from the podium. Ondrej Krajc, who won the 1,000 m course in the new school record at 2:59 min and with a 55,47 m cricket ball, was excellent. The 4 x 60m relay was played by Jaroslav Skoda, Adam Hrouda, Milan Vit and Ondrej Krajc. Their time was 31.77 sec and they came third.

Older boys confirmed a very good form. Alex Pulese won a 552 cm long jump and was ranked 3rd in a 12.78 m shot-put. Vit Soukup came third in a sprint at 60m for 7.68 sec, Tomas Fingerhut jumped 519 cm. The results of the entire team boys won the third place. The second place was missing 66, the first 90 points. The competition was very balanced.

The cohort of older pupils for the second time in the history of our school won first place by a total of 6,667 points, when they beat Kladno primary school by 60 points.

The girls had the chance to advance to the Republic Finals. When the Athletic Union published a list of progressives, our hope became a reality! Our school will be among the best athletes of the Republic, like last year! The final is held on June 6 in Kladno.

In addition to the best teams in the regional round, the highest number of competitors were also announced. This competition was won by Tereza Srnova, who represented 60 m (8.15 sec) and in the shot-put, the second place was occupied by Marketa Trhonova, a sprinter at 60 m (time 8.16 s) and a long distance jumper (509 cm). Tereza Kalalova was excelent and won a 154 cm high jump. Other high-quality results were presented by Sarka Flegrova, Martina Trhonova, Eliška Frajbisova, Michaela Mitosinkova and Laura Zuckersteinova, who contributed greatly to the team's huge success.

We thank all our athletes for the great representation of the school!

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