On  13th October we went to Kokorin. I  expected a kind of trip that I would just be bored and say "Hurray! It finally ended! ". In this case, I couldn´t say that  because it was fun!

When we got out, I felt the pleasant scent of nature and I said, "This could be good, at least the nature!". They  divided us into groups. Each of them got different things and gadgets to fulfill the tasks. Then we set out. The journey was pretty long to my taste - I do not usually go out, I'm lazy. I knew there would be some mud in the forest, but I did not expect it so terrible. Unfortunately, I did not put on proper shoes, so …. disgusting! We stopped at various interesting places to measure humidity and describe the surroundings. I personally did not perceive it from time to time because I just wished to sit and eat. But we arrived at the finish with a smile. Before we went back to the bus, we had a common photo (in the same place as three years ago L).

On the way home I thought I was glad not only I had survived it  but I enjoyed it. Then I came home, jumped into bed and slept hard. And what did I get from the trip? That I should stop being so lazy J and start to participate in similar activities. In fact, I just noticed that I enjoyed it.

Martin Gazo, 9A

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