October 16th is the World's Day of Nutrition, let's celebrate the day properly!

In the week from 9 to 13 October, it will be dedicated to the autumn. It brings fresh fruit harvest. And the freshness preserves the quality of all food ingredients. Autumn vegetables and fruits are virtually "enriched" by vitamins, minerals and enzymes that can not be missed in our diet.

And what do the cooks cook for us this week?

On Monday, we serve a red beet salad. For the second meal, oatmeal with apples and cinnamon is served . The plum juice must not be absent as a drink.

On Tuesday we try carrot soup. The main meal will be literally flavored by the scent of the forest - beef on mushrooms with rice. As the second dish it will be minced steak with sweet cranberries. We will drink apple cider.

On Wednesday we add root vegetables to the pease pudding, giving it lightness and softness. Those who prefer pasta will eat it with roasted autumn vegetables. This time, the sweet dot - spelled dessert will not be missing, too. To drink, we brew hip tea.

On Friday, we can look forward to beet soup and Coleslaw cabbage salad to match burgers, which will be great for autumn sleets thanks to a large amount of vitamin C.


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